Aggregating, analyzing and showing the overview of a massive amount of data.Wadance is a business tool, helps everyone to understand indexes.

Color-Coded Project Visualization

Every company has its own points to focus on. You can choose whatever you want from various indexes color-coded by projects.

Compare Data Side-by-side

Various indexes are arranged in parallel by each perspective to compare. You can get overview and understand situation smoothly, and more accurately.

Project Snapshots

The summary column on the right side shows the total value of indexes that are arranged in parallel. You can grasp the outline easily by checking the summary column vertically.

Maintain Alignment While Scrolling

As you scroll vertically, you can see other indexes. By double-clicking, horizontal rows are aligned again based to its points.

Reference Specific Time Periods Instantly

You can choose the time period to show from entire to specific. It also enables you to compare the indexes based on the time period.

Dig Deeper Into Your Analytics

By seeing the details of each index, you can get further information about values and graphs.

Forget External Monitors: Create Multiple Workspaces

By switching the workspaces, you can see more of the indexes.

Brand Your Analytics

Why don’t you make the tool in your own company’s brand color as the employees see it every day? You can customize the color to your company's logo and brand color.

Work From All Your Devices

On desktop computers, and on mobile devices. You can see Wadance in various devices, because it is implemented in HTML5.
* Smartphone version will be released in the future.